© Nina Kreuzinger, 2016
© Nina Kreuzinger, 2016

Nina Kreuzinger : Journalism * Training * Analog Photography & Film: Super8, 16mm, 35mm and medium format.

Lives in Vienna, Austria.       


2018/19: "Dr. Karl Renner-Publizistikpreis", Cat. Print (journalism award); Guest lecturer at the Danube University Krems, master's program "Quality Journalism"; Bachelor thesis supervision, FH Burgenland / Department of Information Technology and Management; Teacher at Kunst VHS Vienna.


2016/17 : "ÖZIV-Medienpreis" (journalism award); Lecturer, Trainer, Coordinator at the Institute for Journalism & Media Management,

FHWien University of WKW. 


2015 : International Residency at the Akademski filmski centar Belgrade; Guest lecturer at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna; Teacher at Kunst VHS Vienna; (Co-) Training at Bildungsforum and I-SA Vienna (Coaching-Tools, Solution-focused interventions); Personal assistance for people with physical disabilities.


2013/14 : Film award ALTERNATIVE film / video festival Belgrade; 

Certification in adult education and training.


Since 2012 : Working in the solidarity group "HondurasDelegation"; months of research in Central America – international publications on the political situation via blogs, newspapers and magazines; film documentary "Wo der Tod Teil der Landschaft ist / La Voz Lenca No Se Calla".


2010 – 2013 : Street Casting for Ulrich Seidls award-winning "Paradies"-trilogy and "Im Keller", also for the Prisma Film-documentary „Schubert und Ich“ with pianist and conductor Marino Formenti. Assistance for "Im Freien" by Albert Sackl (nominated for the European Film Awards 2012, Cat. Short Film).


Since 2009 : Freelance journalist (multi- and crossmedia) for Falter, Wiener Zeitung, Format, Okto TV.


2008 – 2012 : Study of independent film and artistic photography with Friedl Kubelka.


1998 – 2009 : Journalist/editor for the weekly magazines News and Format; permanent employment contract from April 2000 onwards; research trips to Africa, China, Japan, Australia, Canada and to the USA f.e.; Media Award for health journalism (Fonds Gesundes Österreich, Bundesministerium, 2004).


1998/99 : Freelance radio journalist, editing and moderation for Antenne Wien 102,5.


1997 – 2000 : Freelance journalist for the daily newspaper Die Presse.


1997 : Freelance journalist for the weekly newspaper NÖN.


1996 – 2009 : University of Vienna, master's degree: Communication studies, sociology and German philology (subject combination).


1995/96 : Economic sciences at the Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, study programme „Wirtschaftsberatende Berufe“. 



Film & Photography : Screenings / Exhibitions 


* Collectif Jeune Cinema, 21e édition; Focus #7 - "De l'autre côté du mirroir" (Paris, FRA)

* "Re-program, AFC Belgrade: the 4th generation", Cinéma Spoutnik (Geneva, SUI)

* UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art (New York): "The Revolution is not a Virgin" 


* 34. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival (Belgrade, SRB)

The Last Machine / Austrian Filmmuseum (Vienna, AUT)

* Latinamerika i Fokus (Malmö, SWE)

* Femmes en lutte (Toulouse, FRA)

* Experiments in Cinema Festival (Albuquerque / New Mexico, USA)


* 32. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival (Belgrade, SRB)

* Kinothek Asta Nielsen (Frankfurt, GER)

* 20. Split Film Festival (CRO)

* Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe Paris (masterclass Friedl vom Gröller, FRA)


* 10. Montréal Underground Film Festival (CAN, Award-Nomination)

* Star and Shadow (Newcastle, UK)

* 7. Glasgow Short Film Festival (UK)

* 28. Stuttgarter Filmwinter (GER)


* 31. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival Belgrade (SRB)

* 14. Flensburger Kurzfilmtage (GER)

* 31. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest (GER)

* Festival "Age d'Or" Cinematek Brussels (BEL)

* Okto TV / Vienna Independent Shorts „Film frei!" #130 (AUT)


* TIE The Int. Experimental Cinema Exposition (Colorado Springs, USA)

* Okto TV / "Oktofokus: Lateinamerika – Aufstehen gegen Gewalt" (AUT)


* ORF Nacht der Avantgarde – Filme anders sehen (curated by Virgil Widrich, AUT)

* 49. VIENNALE, Programme: "Radiant Film Frames" (AUT)

* V.esch gallery (Vienna, AUT)

* Fluc, "Future Echo", Art showcase (Vienna, AUT)


* Eyes On 2014 – Photography and film: "Three Times", Top Kino, (Vienna, AUT) 

* Eyes On 2012 – Photography and film: "Fo(u)r Women", Top Kino (Vienna, AUT) 

* Eyes On 2010 – Photography and film: "What remains", Top Kino (Vienna, AUT) 

* MQ / Eikon Schaufenster (Vienna, AUT)

* WUK Fotogalerie (Vienna, AUT)


* Single exhibitions at the galleries wasserwasser, West46, BRICK-5 & at the Top Kino