© Nina Kreuzinger, 2016
© Nina Kreuzinger, 2016

Nina Kreuzinger : Journalism * Training * Analog Photography & Film: Super8, 16mm, 35mm and medium format. 

Lives in Vienna, Austria.       


Since 2009 : Freelance journalist (multi- and cross-media) for Falter, Wiener Zeitung, Der Standard, Format, Okto TV.


2020/21 : Program management for fiction and non-fiction at Leykam Buchverlag (in spring); Bachelor thesis supervision, FH Burgenland / Department of Information Technology and Management; further training in systemic constellation work. 


2018/19 : "Dr. Karl Renner-Publizistikpreis", Cat. Print (journalism award); Guest lecturer at the Danube University Krems, master's program "Quality Journalism"; Bachelor thesis supervision, FH Burgenland / Department of Information Technology and Management; Teacher at Kunst VHS Vienna.


2016/17 : "ÖZIV-Medienpreis" (journalism award); Lecturer, Trainer, Coordinator at the Institute for Journalism & Media Management, FHWien University of WKW. 


2015 : International Residency at the Akademski filmski centar Belgrade; Guest lecturer at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna; Teacher at Kunst VHS Vienna; (Co-) Training at Bildungsforum and I-SA Vienna (Coaching-Tools, Solution-focused interventions); Personal assistance for people with physical disabilities.


2013/14 : Film award ALTERNATIVE film / video festival Belgrade; Certification in adult education and training.


Since 2012 : Working in the solidarity group "HondurasDelegation"; months of research in Central America – international publications on the political situation via blogs, newspapers and magazines; film documentary "Wo der Tod Teil der Landschaft ist / La Voz Lenca No Se Calla".


2010 – 2013 : Street Casting for Ulrich Seidls award-winning "Paradies"-trilogy and "Im Keller", also for the Prisma Film-documentary „Schubert und Ich“ with pianist and conductor Marino Formenti. Assistance for "Im Freien" by Albert Sackl (nominated for the European Film Awards 2012, Cat. Short Film).


2008 – 2012 : Study of independent film and artistic photography with Friedl Kubelka.


1998 – 2009 : Journalist/editor for the weekly magazines News and Format; permanent employment contract from April 2000 onwards; research trips to Africa, China, Japan, Canada and to the USA f.e.; Media Award for health journalism (Fonds Gesundes Österreich/Bundesministerium, 2004).


1999 – 2001 : Media reports and articles about the Crocodile Trophy, the world's longest annual mountain bike stage race through the Australian outback for international magazines such as Esquire, Abenteuer Reisen, Fit for Fun.


1998/99 : Freelance radio journalist, editing and moderation for Antenne Wien 102,5.

1997 – 2000 : Freelance journalist for the daily newspaper Die Presse.

1997 : Freelance journalist for the weekly newspaper NÖN.


1996 – 2009 : University of Vienna, master's degree: Communication studies, sociology and German philology (subject combination).


1995/96 : Economic sciences at the Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, study programme „Wirtschaftsberatende Berufe“. 



Film & Photography : Screenings / Exhibitions 


* Collectif Jeune Cinema, 21e édition; Focus #7 - "De l'autre côté du mirroir" (Paris, FRA)

* "Re-program, AFC Belgrade: the 4th generation", Cinéma Spoutnik (Geneva, SUI)

* UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art (New York): "The Revolution is not a Virgin" 

* Shorts/salon Berlin, Brotfabrik Kino: "Hallo Stranger" (GER)


* 34. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival (Belgrade, SRB)

The Last Machine / Austrian Filmmuseum (Vienna, AUT)

* Latinamerika i Fokus (Malmö, SWE)

* Femmes en lutte (Toulouse, FRA)

* Experiments in Cinema Festival (Albuquerque / New Mexico, USA)


* 32. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival (Belgrade, SRB)

* Kinothek Asta Nielsen (Frankfurt, GER)

* 20. Split Film Festival (CRO)

* Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe Paris (masterclass Friedl vom Gröller, FRA)


* 10. Montréal Underground Film Festival (CAN, Award-Nomination)

* Star and Shadow (Newcastle, UK)

* 7. Glasgow Short Film Festival (UK)

* 28. Stuttgarter Filmwinter (GER)


* 31. ALTERNATIVE film / video festival Belgrade (SRB)

* 14. Flensburger Kurzfilmtage (GER)

* 31. Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest (GER)

* Festival "Age d'Or" Cinematek Brussels (BEL)

* Okto TV / Vienna Independent Shorts „Film frei!" #130 (AUT)


* TIE The Int. Experimental Cinema Exposition (Colorado Springs, USA)

* Okto TV / "Oktofokus: Lateinamerika – Aufstehen gegen Gewalt" (AUT)


* ORF Nacht der Avantgarde – Filme anders sehen (curated by Virgil Widrich, AUT)

* 49. VIENNALE, Programme: "Radiant Film Frames" (AUT)

* V.esch gallery (Vienna, AUT)

* Fluc, "Future Echo", Art showcase (Vienna, AUT)


* Eyes On 2014 – Photography and film: "Three Times", Top Kino, (Vienna, AUT) 

* Eyes On 2012 – Photography and film: "Fo(u)r Women", Top Kino (Vienna, AUT) 

* Eyes On 2010 – Photography and film: "What remains", Top Kino (Vienna, AUT) 

* MQ / Eikon Schaufenster (Vienna, AUT)

* WUK Fotogalerie (Vienna, AUT)


* Single exhibitions at the galleries wasserwasser, West46, BRICK-5 & at the Top Kino